About us

ACS chief executive Werner Hess built up a wealth of experience and know-how in the field of vehicle import and export as part of the family firm Hess founded in 1989. He went on to found All Car Shipping Ltd with senior partner Hans Ries, with whom he had worked for many years in the original company and who has contributed much to their common success.

With the establishment of ALL CAR SHIPPING GmbH these two top transportation professionals, Werner Hess and Hans Ries, made international shipment and container transport of trucks and other vehicles world-wide the focus of their core business.

The ever friendly and helpful ACS team consists of:

Werner Hess
Chief Executive Officer and Senior Partner
Head of Customer Relations
Hans Ries
Chief Accounts Manager
and Senior Partner
Customer Service & Manager
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Hasna Zouhdi
client service / customer support
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