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✅ Over 25 years of experience in international car shipping
✅ Car export to Africa, middle East and Europe
✅ Professional export documentation and export declaration
✅ Transport insurance and smooth customs clearance

The worldwide export of motor vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, is one of the core competences of our ACS forwarding company. Our focus is on passenger car transfers in the Middle East and Africa. We offer secure transports and a long-term experience. In the area of passenger car transfers, we guarantee a secure and fast handling, thanks to a direct connection to the customs office in Munich. Our forwarding area covers 3,500 m². Auto Shipping with ACS haulage - secure, affordable car transfer worldwide.

Auto shipping with ACS transports - worldwide export and import of motor vehicles

We can offer you a comprehensive list of services in both areas, export and import. The following services are available for the worldwide export of car shipments:

  • Pick-up from the location by transport or by your own axis
  • Transport insurance if desired
  • Export documentation and export declaration
  • Shipping by sea (Ro / Ro or container shipment)
  • Loading by air freight

What has to be considered?

A sufficient transport insurance and the necessary documents for the customs are things that are of great importance for a car shipment. The corresponding documents should be issued for the respective vehicle in advance, which can guarantee a fast and smooth customs clearance in the later stages of the car shipment. We at ACS Transports will provide you with a comprehensive service in the area of car shipping, handle customs clearance and inform you when the transport has been carried out successfully.

Motor vehicle shipping - What does the transport cost?

The cost of a car shipment depends on the size of the project and the type of transport required. Fixed costs, which are added to each vehicle shipment, are the customs fees or administration charges incurred for issuing the necessary vehicle documents. In us, you will find a competent consultant who can provide you with detailed information about the respective costs after a detailed analysis of the car transfer.

Auto shipping worldwide - ACS all car shipping
Auto shipping worldwide - ACS all car shipping