Truck Shipping & Transport worldwide - transfer & loading

✅ Over 25 years of experience in worldwide truck shipping & transport
✅ Truck exports to Africa, Middle East and Europe
✅ Fast customs clearance in the truck transfer area
✅ Transport insurance and customs clearance

As an experienced, reliable forwarding agency based in Munich, we also offer you the option of truck shipping and transportations worldwide. Our expertise results from more than 25 years of professional experience and we guarantee a safe truck transfer at national and international level. At the same time, we are able to offer our customers fast customs clearance in the area of truck transportation, thanks to our direct connection to the customs office in Munich.

On-time truck shipping - Worldwide export and import of trucks

With ACS Transports, you can expect a comprehensive range of services in the field of truck shipping. A truck shipment can be usesul in many scenarios, such as transports across several continents or shipping a truck from manufacturer to dealer. We offer the following services for the worldwide export of trucks, construction machines, buses or agricultural machines:

  • Pick-up from the location by transporter or own axis
  • Transport insurance
  • Export declaration and export documentation
  • Shipping by sea freight

Truck loading – What needs to be considered?

A suitable insurance (for any damages that may occur) as well as corresponding customs documents or papers are necessary things when carrying out truck loadings. ACS Transports handles all important things related to truck loading. This includes the approval of the transport and notification in the case of a successful shipment.

How much does a transport cost?

This question can not be answered on a general basis and depends on the respective truck transport. Costs that play a role are, for example, the issue of the necessary papers for the truck transportation, transport insurance and customs clearance. We will carry out a detailed analysis in advance for each truck transport, and will therefore answer the cost question according to your particular order. ACS All Car & Truck Shipping & Transportation - tailor-made solutions and fair prices for your satisfaction.

Truck shipping & transport worldwide - transfer & loading
Truck shipping & transport worldwide - transfer & loading